Our Hosts


Stephen Cascioli – http://www.casciolisc.com IG: @casciolisc

stephenStephen Cascioli started out by achieving his black belt at the age of 10 , playing various competitive sports and lifting weights in high school. In third year university he was introduced to powerlifting and about a year later he decided to compete in his first competition.

Stephen has competed in 4 competitions, his fourth competition representing Team Canada at IPF World Championships in Salo, Finland. In his first year in the Open 66kg category, he placed 1st in squat & broke the world record (240.5kg), placed 3rd in deadlift (245kg ) and 3rd overall. Stephen also holds multiple national records.

After achieving a 4 year Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology , Stephen started up his own online coaching business – Cascioli Strength & Conditioning. He has worked with various athletes, mostly powerlifters , but he also trains clients with goals towards general strength & conditioning along with sport specific training. He is currently a Strength & Conditioning Specialist / Kinesiologist at Performance Institute in Burnaby , BC.


Avi Silverberg – https://powerliftingtechnique.com/ IG: @everdayavi

aviAvi Silverberg started powerlifting as an athlete, rising through various levels, and ultimately competing in 9 National Championships and 3 World Championships. Highlights include: achieving a World bronze bench press medal, holding the National Bench Press record in the 120k / 264lb weight class (lifting 300k / 661lbs), and ranking 3rd on the all-time Canadian Bench Press Rankings.

Avi’s coaching resume includes coaching over 40 National level powerlifters, as well as numerous local and provincial-level powerlifters. Most recently, Avi has served as the Team Canada Head Coach on multiple World Teams, including the 2012 IPF World Bench Press Championships (Czech Republic), 2013 IPF World Sub-Junior/Junior Championships (USA), 2014 IPF World Classic Championships (South Africa), and 2015 World Classic Championships (Finland). Avi puts a strong emphasis on the science behind sport performance and has graduated with a Master of Science degree in Kinesiology, with a specific research focus in coaching elite master athletes in powerlifting.

Avi also has a strong commitment to the development of powerlifting and the sport generally. To this end, he is a member of the Alberta Powerlifting Union Executive Committee, a national-level referee, member of the Canadian Powerlifting Union Student Scholarship Committee, and director of many local and provincial powerlifting competitions.

Ryan Stinn – http://www.stinndler.ca IG: @stinndler

stinnRyan Stinn began powerlifting in 2005 after being dragged into the sport by a friend. Being from Moose Jaw Ryan was able to train with and be trained by Jeff Butt, former CPU President and well respected coach. Ryan quickly climbed the national lifter ranks and was fortunate enough to represent Canada for the first time at IPF Worlds in Newfoundland in 2008 where he placed 6th with a 945kg total. In 2009 he suffered a serious back injury that saw his total plummet to 810kg over the next three years. Since 2012 he has been rebuilding and in 2015 set the largest squat(390kg) and total(1003kg) in the history of the CPU.

Ryan began to go down the coaching road while being trained by Jeff. He started to develop his own training programs as a way to experiment on himself and his training partners. In 2013 Ryan developed his humbly named “Stinn System” and releases the programs for free on his website. In 2015 Ryan began offering online coaching where he custom builds programs for people based on his knowledge and experience.

Ryan has been involved in the political side of lifting as well, being a National referee since 2007, the Saskatchewan Powerlifting Technical Chairman since 2008 and the CPU President from 2011-2013.